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Stamp Duty

UK Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a charge on property transactions, dating back over 300 years. It is payable on all property purchases over a certain purchase price. Stamp Duty applies to all purchases of houses, flats and other land and buildings.

Since December 2014 Stamp Duty Tax has become “progressive” with rate increases being applied between stamp duty thresholds only. This means Stamp duty rate increases are no longer applied to the whole purchse price and in many cases can now save the purchaser money. The new system is more similar to how income tax is calculated. Stamp Duty is payable from £125,000 with the top band being £1.5 million plus.

Stamp duty rates have increased for anyone purchasing an investment property, or second home. From April 2016 an additional 3% surcharge has been applied on top of the normal SDLT rate. This means buy to let purchases now attract higher levels of SDLT.

Use our stamp duty calculator to work out how much stamps duty you will need to pay.

Stamp Duty in Scotland has been replaced by Land and Buildings Transactions Tax (LBTT). The new Scottish LBTT system is similar to SDLT but has different thresholds.

Stamp Duty is a tax that you pay to the government when you buy property or land It’s compulsory